3.10 S&M masterclass - Chamber Room

3.10 S&M masterclass - Chamber Room

Postby Mark Simmons » 02 Sep 2016, 09:40

Banshee Labyrinth- Chamber room

Absolutely loved this venue. Dave and the rest of the staff were brilliant. Always there seeing the shows in and then clearing the room for the next show to start. I really felt like Dave would do anything that we needed. But the venue was ran so well nothing ever went wrong for us.

The room was very well equipped with great sound and lighting. Low ceiling, chairs nice and tight together and no noise bleed, perfect for comedy.

Queuing system works well and I think audience always seemed to know where to go due to signage and staff being well switched on about whats shows were running and where. The venue is well and truly behind the free fringe and know what it takes to make the shows work.

The room sometimes got hot but there are plenty of fans in place to make the audience comfortable.

I would definitely bring a show back to this venue.
Mark Simmons
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