What's The Tory? Mourning Glory (17.30, Chamber Room)

What's The Tory? Mourning Glory (17.30, Chamber Room)

Postby James Christopher » 01 Sep 2016, 15:14

This was my most successful Fringe run by far. The political nature of the show certainly seems a comfortable fit for me, but the Brexit vote in the EU referendum gave me crowds who were charged, intrigued, and engaged with my show before I'd even said a word. i simply surfed a wave of liberal rage every day.

Also of paramount importance is: firstly, your show title; and secondly, your sales pitch when flyering. Think about who you are trying to attract and how you're going to reach them. Chris O'Neil knows a lot more about this than I do, he's posted various blogs about it so definitely read them if you're bringing a show up to the Fringe. I've been bringing shows up for 10 years, and it's only really just dawned on me this year!

The staff at the Banshee have always been wonderful, but this year they seemed determined to outdo themselves! The venue ran like clockwork, the staff helped collect glasses, there were orderly queues for shows, and technical issues were always addressed with incredible efficiency. They were a joy to work with. VC Luke Benson also cleared up any issues with the room, for myself and the other performers.

A note for future Banshee performers - David at The Banshee, who works tirelessly every year, would prefer that people flyer on Cowgate or The Royal Mile rather than on the door of the Banshee. This is to bring new people into the venue, people walking down Niddry Street generally already know about the place. Of course, you might stand on the door before your show starts to welcome people and direct them to your show (or to another show if that's what they're looking for). And Chris Coltrane did great work handing out WBB's, directing people to the three stages in the venue, and helping out with handovers.

My flyerer was my fiancee Maxie Wade, which was a nice personal touch and always got an "aww!" from the crowd when I mentioned it. She did a fantastic job, and had a great sales pitch "Hate the Tories, love comedy!" Her words not mine, and it's all you have to say at a liberal arts festival to fill a room every day!

I feel like I have friends at The Banshee now - both performers and staff - and it's testament to the quality of the place that we all keep coming back every year.

Finally, I would like to give my thanks to Peter Buckley Hill. I've been given a stage to hone my craft over the years, and I wouldn't have had it without his vision, dedication, and principals.

EDIT: My online banking has been locked as I forgot my password! I'll pay my brochure donations on Saturday after I've been to my branch to sort it
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