12.30 Till Debt Us Do Part (BH)

12.30 Till Debt Us Do Part (BH)

Postby Tina Sederholm » 01 Sep 2016, 10:32

I had an incredible Fringe experience this year, made all the more fantastic by the brilliant staff at the Banshee. David Morrison put so much effort into making sure events ran smoothly, the packed audiences could get in and out swiftly and safely, which was needed more than ever as there were so many popular shows in the Banshee this year. However, the whole team deserve massive thanks, because they are unfailingly helpful, kind and welcoming.
Personally, I smashed all my previous audience numbers, and bucket take. The Banqueting Hall is still the perfect size for me, seating approximately 45 people (50 if you squish them in). The sound and light system are much more reliable than in previous years, and the staff are always willing to help if something goes awry.
As I had the earliest slot (12.30) noise from the corridor was not an issue for me, except on Saturday, when a strategically placed friend politely asking people to keep their voices down helped.
There's not much more to say except to once again express my gratitude both to PBH, the Banshee staff and Matt and Fay for programming me in here. Five years of coming to the Fringe, working away to build audience and improve as a performer finally paid off. And if you get given a slot at the Banshee, thank your lucky stars.
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