19.15 Smurthwaite On Masculinity (Cinema Room)

19.15 Smurthwaite On Masculinity (Cinema Room)

Postby KateSmurthwaite » 31 Aug 2016, 19:33

We had a great time. Staff were very helpful. Venue can get busy with several performances spaces and people queueing for other shows.

Cinema Room has the advantage of banked seating so everyone gets a great view - was vital for me as my show was so visual. There's also a huge projector screen so if performing here without a slide show I'd recommend making up a backdrop slide.

Seats about 40, we filled all the seating most days and had people on the floor and stairs at weekends too.

Does get a bit hot and stuffy. Air con units on full power but not enough, we also needed to squirt air freshener about after sweaty audiences...!!
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