McCleary and Blair Panda to the Audience

McCleary and Blair Panda to the Audience

Postby ablair » 31 Aug 2016, 16:32

Banquet Hall, 21st-28th 9.50pm

We were in the Banquet Hall, and had no problems with this room. The benefits were that it was a compact space but had plenty of seating, was part of a pub that is generally busy anyway (so plenty of people to flyer, and some who wander in and settle down), is located in the centre of town near the main flyering streets, had a lot of tech already supplied, and the staff are amazing. The one time a mic was missing, they supplied one rapidly.

The PA system is really good here, able to overcome background noise in the venue and if you have any audio tech requirements it's a nice, easy wee setup.

There was the occasional issue with really pissed folk wandering in and disrupting things, but the benefits of this venue outweigh this negative.
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