Poets Against Humanity - 15th August 7.30pm

Poets Against Humanity - 15th August 7.30pm

Postby ablair » 31 Aug 2016, 16:23

We were in the Banquet Hall, and had no problems with this room. The benefits were that it was a compact space but had plenty of seating, was part of a pub that is generally busy anyway, is located in the centre of town near the main flyering streets, had a lot of tech already supplied, and the staff are amazing. We needed an extra mic, we talked to them in advance and we got one. Simple. And despite being clearly busy all the time they were always able to help.

Being a medium sized room with a lot of seating, it leant itself to a good atmosphere during the show. It is very warm, but most venues are and there was a fan supplied and the noise created wasn't distracting.

The only downside is that noise from the corridor outside can make it hard to hear for people in the back row, but if you turn the volume on the PA up this is usually fine.
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