50 Ways to Leave Your Drummer - 11pm, cinema room

50 Ways to Leave Your Drummer - 11pm, cinema room

Postby paulrichards » 31 Aug 2016, 14:14

The Banshee is THE perfect fringe venue. Brilliant location, audiences just go there on a whim knowing to expect quality - it just has the vibe of being one of the 'cool' places to hang out.

My show was a cinema show, so as you can imagine the space was ideal for it. I had a couple minor technical issues on the first couple of days but the staff were amazing throughout and stepped in to sort before I even had a chance to ask! It all made for a very comfortable experience, I went in to every show feeling relaxed because of the brilliant set-up of the space.

Audiences were busy at the weekend, less so mid-week but still enough every day for it to feel worthwhile. Buckets were around £4 a head. I was wary of the 11pm timeslot as the show is quite gentle, not the raucous entertainment you'd be forgiven to expect at that time of night, but it was fine - the general clientele were bright enough to appreciate what the show was about :)

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable enjoyable experience - many thanks to all involved.
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