13.10 Peter Brush: Dreams with Advert Breaks (Cinema Room)

13.10 Peter Brush: Dreams with Advert Breaks (Cinema Room)

Postby peter brush » 31 Aug 2016, 13:38

I had a lovely time in this room and venue this year, it was an absolute pleasure.

I should start by saying how great the staff at The Banshee Labyrinth are. They were always personable and helpful whenever I had need to discuss anything with them, but on busy weekends they also ran the venue extremely well, basically they were nice, well informed and felt fully invested in the Free Fringe, I couldn't thank them enough.

The Cinema Room is an excellent space with a projector, built in lighting with a variety of settings, comfortable tiered seating and hardly any noise bleed (at least at 1pm when my show was on this was never an issue). There is no back stage area, but there are curtains to the side of the stage, I had a costume change, but the curtained completely surficed. It would get slightly warm towards the end of a show when full as the majority of rooms do at the fringe, but it was much much better for heat issues than previous rooms I have been in, probably due to the fan in the ceiling and the air conditioner unit. You can cram about 50 people in if they are on stairs and the floor, otherwise it probably seats 40 more comfortably. The venue has some storage space downstairs for flyers/posters and props if you need to keep them there, and I'm glad they did, as I needed to do so.

The venue is in a great location on Niddry Street just up from Cowgate and down from the Mile, so before the show you have 2 excellent locations to flyer. I had someone flyer for me an hour before each show and was happy with my numbers all run bar a dip at the very start of the last week (I did have no flyerer for a couple of those days though, although it did seem quieter outside then anyway). I do think a good flyerer makes a big difference, but I did make a point a few times of asking why audience members had turned up and it did seem to vary, some of them had seen me the year before, others came due to the WBB (which is an excellent resource), a good few did also come from seeing me on the app connected to the BFFG. I think also, especially at weekends, people seem to associate the venue with the free fringe so well that they just turn up outside knowing stuff will be on all day.

Buckets varied. I felt there were large disparities here between during the week and weekend. Weekends tended to be good (3 figures), weekdays much less so, even though my numbers were still fairly decent mid-week and I was still happy with the shows (so without sounding brash here I hope, I don't think it was down to quality). Perhaps people are just more careful, perhaps people have different mentalities mid-week and weekend; older people were more generous than the youth (they don't pay for anything these days though do they).

No major issues came up that required much communication, but as I said, the staff were always helpful if I had any enquiries, and Chris the venue captain was always approachable too. Happy days then.
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