Genie - Ballroom 1:15pm

Genie - Ballroom 1:15pm

Postby ehilsum » 23 Oct 2015, 18:01

The Voodoo Rooms is an amazing venue. The rooms are beautiful and the entire team there are fantastic and extremely supportive of the shows.

I was delighted to be in the Ballroom which is well equipped with a full lighting rig, wired microphones and a projector, all operable from the tech box at the back of the room. I brought in my own wireless mic, which was easily connected to the venue’s PA system.

This year the entrance to the Ballroom was through the American Bar, which really helped ease congestion between shows. The target audience for my show was families and although under 18s are allowed in the Ballroom itself, they are not allowed in the bars which did make queuing tricky if families arrived early, although most people understood this and were happy to return closer to 1:15pm. Most days the room was full and unfortunately we had to turn people away on a few occasions. The last week was quieter, something every act I spoke to noticed - people came to the conclusion that this was due to the Fringe being a week later than usual. Audiences were generous with donations.

The Voodoo Rooms asked for about 10 A3 posters which they displayed around the building. In addition to a flyering team, I had a small poster campaign consisting of railing boards in locations near the Voodoo Rooms and a couple of larger posters around town. This certainly helped word of mouth and a few people said they decided to come to the show after seeing a poster. I registered to be in the Fringe guide, which meant the show was in the official programme as well as featured online and in the app. Personally I think this is worth doing as many people used the app to find shows and audiences are also able to leave reviews which were extremely valuable.

Most performers were very friendly and supportive of each other. The show before overran a number of times, but this was resolved after a meeting with Luke Meredith.

There is a store room to leave props in, just inside the ballroom. This was a real mess every morning which my technician and myself did our best to tidy up. I would advise bringing a secure container if you are going to leave things there.

It was a pleasure to perform at the Voodoo Rooms and a real privilege to be part of the PBH Free Fringe.
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