Mister Meredith: Thrill-Seeking Pianist... 18:20 FQ

Mister Meredith: Thrill-Seeking Pianist... 18:20 FQ

Postby Luke Meredith » 14 Oct 2015, 16:47

The venue:
Separate room in two sections. The front section has 5 rows of 10 with a central aisle, the back has 2 rows of 8 and 2 of 6 I think, on higher chairs to see over the partition. Stage very wide and shallow, about W 4.5m x D 1m x H 20cm, with a row of benches across the back. Two spots focused on stage so make sure you adjust them to suit your staging in your prep time. Bar to stage right. 2 x mics, 2 x straight stands, 4 channel mixer. No CD jack here so if you want to use CD bring your own.

The venue are bloody brilliant - for specifics see my report for Magic Faraway Cabaret.

Show-wise I made a bit of a marketing error here by double-siding my flyers and making one of them look like an advert. It meant my other show was really well-attended but I didn't get nearly so many for this one (as they thought it was all one show and they'd already seen me) with an average audience of 25. However my average bucket was £50 much higher per capita than the variety show. I never had less than £30 and my highest was £170.

There's minimal storage behind the bar, where I was able to keep my keyboard and stand, and you can use one of the toilets at the back for changing as I did when I guested at other shows there.
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