Lindsay Sharman, Magenta Show, French Quarter 14.40

Lindsay Sharman, Magenta Show, French Quarter 14.40

Postby lindsaysharman » 13 Oct 2015, 22:46


My show was a character comedy hour with a narrative, very lo-fi and knockabout. I performed the show without a tech.

Show Time

My timeslot was 14.40pm, which I found to be very good for this (silly, non-sweary) show.


The French Quarter is a great space for a lo-fi show, by which I mean, my show didn't need blackouts or wings etc. I started the run without using the mic, but decided to use it after a week to hit the back of the room, and actually, the energy picked up a bit when I did this, so maybe the size of the room requires a mic (and I've got a pretty loud voice).


With the lighting, one day I didn't have the central light on very high as I didn't think it made much difference given the brightness of the room in general. But it did, as I was told by a friend in the audience that my face was shadowed and expressions lost. So always have the stage lights up high even when the room is generally bright, that's my advice.


ordered 5000 flyers, and I had a flyerer helping me about 60% of the time. I only ordered 10 posters, which were mostly just up in the Voodoo Rooms themselves. I wasn't in the main brochure, which I feel was a mistake.


I did slightly less business than last year (same room, same time) which I put down to not being in the brochure. I'll be going in the brochure next year. I also felt like my title and marketing pitch were totally confusing and didn't entice audiences! Having said that, the Voodoo Rooms is great and you always get an audience, even when you've cocked up most of the marketing like I evidently did. Next year, I'll have a clearer title and pitch!

Colleagues shows

John Osbourne was on just before me, and he was really great to chat to every day before my show, and he was evidently having a lovely time in the FQ. Plus he was always bang on time re show timings, so I didn't have to stress out about anything before my show. Anna Morris was after me, and she too was having a great time. I also teched In His Own Write, the John Lennon show in the Ballroom, and they too were having a great time and were lovely people. Basically, everyone I came into contact with this year was extremely pleasant and professional.


I love the Voodoo Rooms. The staff are ace, the rooms are great, and the whole shebang is a pleasure.
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