Test Tube Comedy - Main Room (Mondays)

Test Tube Comedy - Main Room (Mondays)

Postby DecMunro1 » 18 Sep 2015, 00:46

This is a lovely venue and a fantastic room. I only did three nights but they all went really well.

I made a stupid mistake with the first night - there is a queue system to the right (this year) and I didn't realise that the main body of the crowd were quietly waiting to come in through that right hand door and started a small show to people who had been waiting at the "wrong" door. 10 minutes in 30 or so people started to file in. At that point, perhaps, the signs weren't too clear (at least to me!). The crowd rapidly got on board but, obviously, not ideal and utterly my fault.

The gig I ran - Test Tube Comedy - is a mixed bill night that I've put on for a while on the FF. It has a fair amount of people that are kind enough to come repeatedly and they have been in previous years. I think that the room (maybe 80 or so people) is ideal for that.. the only thing to be in mind for an act that has long periods of silences might be that members of staff will often come through the room (there is a curtain with a walkway stage left and the chairs in the room are spilt around 40 on each side - perhaps even 45/45 each side). So for a mixed bill/musical/straight stand up - ideal room..

The management are friendly and ace and the tech was wonderfully helpful. I didn't do a huge amount of flyering (I now have an email list of previous attendees that's pretty big) BUT in previous years when I've flyered there I've found that there are nearby points that are great to flyer - please do contact me if you'd like to discuss them if you are in this room in future.

Overall wholly recommended. Thanks to the FF and Paul for arranging it!! delighted with it!
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