James Bennison:How to be a Supehero, 6:25 19-30 Aug (Ballroo

James Bennison:How to be a Supehero, 6:25 19-30 Aug (Ballroo

Postby James Bennison » 17 Sep 2015, 22:05

My show was a stand up comedy show about how I've spent the last year trying to get real life superpowers to become a superhero. It involved spandex, epic battles and a powerpoint show so was quite ambitious but after previewing it around the country I knew it was a good show that audiences responded well to. I've been to the voodoo rooms loads of the years so I was very excited to do my show here this year.

Show Time
My show time was 6.25 which turned out to be a very difficult time slot for me. I am not a big name comedian at all and dont have a huge following and as there were a lot of big shows that started from 5.30 - 7.30 most people went to see them rather than come to mine. There was very little footfall traffic at this time which was one of the main reasons audience numbers were quite low I believe.

The Voodoo Rooms is amazing but is a little bit out of the way and unless you know where you're going its hard to get to with very little footfall traffic from randoms. The ballroom was just incredible. The main problem for me was that it seated 120 people and so even though I was getting a half decent crowd in, it felt like there was no one in there because it was so big. I started forcing people to fill up from the front and this helped massively to bring the energy up. There was a nice little storage room for keeping things although it got very messy and people would move your stuff around constantly.

The facilities in the Ballroom were just amazing. Full lighting and sound rig that you could program to your specific show and a giant projector screen that you could easily plug your laptop in to. I brought a million cables for any situation and didn't need any of them because they had everything there! This was the one thing I never had to worry about and was really glad of it.

The staff were yet again incredible. The techie we had on hand was literally a godsend and a genuinely nice bloke who helped clear up after my show and helped me work out how to work the complex sound rig.

I had a ton of flyers which I did hours of flyering for as well as doing other open spots to help promote the show. I wasn't in the main guide as I got confirmed shortly before the deadline for the guide (and didn't have a spare £400). I dont know if this did have an effect but next year I plan on going in the main guide in the hope that I might get an extra 5 people a show because every little helps. I tended to flyer the royal mile mostly and then moved closer to the venue half an hour before to see flyer people coming in. I also hired someone to help me flyer but regretted it afterwards. I lost a lot of money from the bucket to them and dont think it got that many more people through the door.

I dont think the audiences were THAT small but they certainly felt it in the venue. I would say I got between 10 and 50 a day though due to the 120 capacity I didn't even half fill the room which was quite demoralising. I was making between £30 - £100 a day but a chunk of that went to the flyerers.

Colleagues shows
The show before and after me seemed to be doing really well but they were quite unique and/or really well known so I wasn't that surprised (though it did feel like a kick in the shins after a small turn out to my show)

A wonderful venue but at a bad time for my particular show because I was a bit unknown. The room and staff were incredible though and I loved having the chance to say I performed there. Thank you PBH!
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