John Osborne - Most people aren't that happy, anyway

John Osborne - Most people aren't that happy, anyway

Postby John_Osborne » 10 Sep 2015, 12:46


The venue was so well run. Friendly and helpful staff, a good bar and well programmed with really high quality shows.

Show Time

1.30pm - A really good way to start the day - both for me and the people who came to my show. I had good numbers for the whole run and I think this is largely because of the good venue and a time that meant I didn't clash with too many things.


I was in the French Quarter and I don't think there are many better rooms on the fringe. Comfy for audience members who were well looked after by bar staff.

Stage/Lights/Sound - This had everything I needed and I saw other shows in both the Speakeasy and the French Quarter and the range of sound and lighting possibilities was really impressive.


I exit flyered the show that finished just before mine in the next room (Danielle Ward) and quite a few people came in because of that which was helpful. I think it proved that people have some trust in the venue and that as they liked Danielle's they would give mine a go too. The staff at the venue put up a couple of my posters. I didn't have any flyerers so was lucky that people came along either because they'd seen something about the show in the Guide or social network.

Buckets/Audiences: Consistently good. I only had two days that were completely full, but I never had fewer than ten and I had an average audience of around 20, and I didn't have any problems with any audience members, and they were all very positive. It made for a very enjoyable experience. It was very positive to know that without any reviews and without paying for PR I could attract people.

Colleagues shows

I was really lucky to be on after Silky, who was always very encouraging in our handover and it felt good to have him there every day. I also really enjoyed getting to know Lindsay Sharman who was on afterwards. I felt like they were the two perfect people to share a bill with. I also went to watch other shows in my room - Kieran Hodgson and Elf Lyons, and I loved both shows.


I'd been promised by someone who performed in the same room last year that I would have the best time and be looked after and have a great show and I didn't believe them but it turns out they were exactly right. I'd love to come back again.
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