As yet (still!) unnamed 10pm Burlesque Show

As yet (still!) unnamed 10pm Burlesque Show

Postby riomatchett » 03 Sep 2015, 14:52

After a last minute drop out, Roxy Stardust and I were contacted by Luke Meredith the night before the Fringe began to see if we could cover it. Thus, it was very last minute, but the support of the team there (namely Cameron and Arno), and each other made it the highlight of my fringe.

The space is always full, we never had to worry about audience numbers - the lowest was probably about 250, and the most 400, but it's hard to guess! Our bucket averaged about £120, but we had to work hard for it. We found it necessary to walk through the crowd with the bucket both during and after the show, due to the nature of the space and the fact that audiences were constantly coming in and leaving. This isn't a space in which a narrative show would work I don't think, it needs visual acts and music. The stage was lovely, raised and quite large, and the tech team there made it an absolute pleasure to work in, they could not have been more friendly or helpful. We had full use of the sound system, mics and the ability to play live music.

This venue is hard work (hard to earn and keep the attention of a largely drunk, usually passing and often foreign audience), but absolutely worth it, my favourite place to perform at the Fringe. If I could choose my venue for next year, it would 100% be this one. I felt like we had a real family here, both the staff, other acts and the audience, who often came back and became familiar faces and friends! It was also an absolute pleasure to work with Roxy, who took on the majority of the burden of booking acts at such short notice.
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