Moribund - 14:45

Moribund - 14:45

Postby Gimcrack Productions » 19 Sep 2015, 18:50

We were made very very welcome at The Street – without exception, the staff there were accommodating, helpful and friendly. Performer discounts made food and drink before or after the show affordable, and it was genuinely always a pleasure to arrive there.

The venue area is small and comfortably holds audiences of up to 30. A small raised platform in the middle of the performance area has been used in the past. It’s not easily removable, so the venue owner (Wendy) insisted that it either stay or go for the duration of the festival. By consensus, we decided to do without it as it would break up and limit stage space (around 3 metres wide by 2 deep) and without it there were no sightline issues. There are two connected exits stage right, one which would require moving close by the audience, a non-connected exit stage left and a small ‘backstage’ area behind the curtain at the back of the stage. The stage left exit can also be used to hold more audience members, so that the space becomes an L-shape should you wish to pack more people in.

Our weekday attendance averaged 16 and jumped up on the days we found time to flyer both on the Mile and nearby outside the Edinburgh Playhouse. Weekend audiences were significantly bigger – we were full every Saturday, and playing to full houses for most of the last week, aided by a five-star review. We had several returning audience members. Foot traffic outside the venue itself was not great – generally, we found the public to be a lot more receptive when flyering down by the Mile and Pleasance Dome.
Our audiences were very receptive and enthusiastic, and our bucket takings ranged between £25 and £120, weekday average being around £30-40 with the weekends being significantly more.

As the first show (14:45) on at the venue, we were given as much time as we needed to get into the space. This was incredibly generous of the venue owners, as most festival get-ins are 10 mins; to be given from 12pm was a real luxury. We were charged with setting up the space (laying out chairs, setting up the tech.) which was quick and easy. We had plenty of storage space for modest props for all the shows, and the venue kindly stored all of our flyers for us – the storage area is a locked beer cellar, so would recommend against storing costume there but it is secure. The lighting is one very bright, circular spotlight that is directed at an angle, so moving too far stage right meant being out of the light. The sound system was great for our purposes and we were able to use both mini jack and a DI box for live instuments without issues.

We all got on great with our fellow performers – we always recommended audience stick around for food, drink and the next show, and performed in Lola Rogue's excellent cabaret (17:15) a couple of times. We also promoted at least one other The Street show later in the day which catered to similar interests (Ash Pryce Haunted.)

There were a couple of teething problems at the beginning of the festival, each of which was resolved without serious incident:

- We (ie all the acts) were initially trusted with a key to the storage area but after one performer accidentally left the venue with it, we reverted to borrowing keys from behind the bar as and when we needed the storage unlocked.

- This is not a venue for glitter and confetti! We were told early on there is not enough time for cleanup; the show using it immediately stopped and all was well.

- There were a few days when the final act of the evening didn’t clear the space down which caused some frustration, and for the venue to confiscate a microphone stand – they had had one stolen from the venue years ago for similar reasons.

It’s worth noting that The Street is a well-attended club on the weekends, so clearing absolutely everything, down to the last loose flyer, is particularly essential. We came in one day to find that the collection bucket had been left out on a Friday night, and on Saturday morning contained a smashed wine glass and some other dregs of a club night. Later the collection bucket was lost; as we had initially bought it we thought it unfair we should replace it, but nobody else brought in a replacement.

As to what The Street could do more for us, it’s genuinely hard to think of anything. We appreciated so much the feeling of really being considerately taken care of and it becoming our festival home (as well as the cut-price food and soft drinks!) If we were being really picky, once or twice the staff forgot to turn off the hand-driers during performance times, which caused slight (VERY slight) disturbances during our show. As this is a courtesy to us from the venue it really wasn't a big deal. It’s also worth saying that the performance space can get very warm indeed with a full house and a hot day. The air conditioning is quiet, so it's worth requesting it be put on if the staff haven't got to it already.

All in all we loved our time at The Street. We miss you guys already!
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