Lola Rogue's Tea Time Cabaret - 17:15

Lola Rogue's Tea Time Cabaret - 17:15

Postby riomatchett » 03 Sep 2015, 14:44

We had a really fantastic time at The Street this year, would highly recommend the space for intimate shows. The staff were all lovely, and the space very good visually for cabaret. We found that performing on the floor was better than putting up the stage (as happened last year), as the stage was quite small, but the nature of the seating meant that the audience had good views of the floor anyway. The venue were very happy to explain and for us to use their equipment, and were generally very supportive.

On average we had about 15 audience members in, but ranged from 6-30 ish. The space is intimate, so 15 feels full, and 30 feels packed. Our bucket probably averaged about £50 a day. The venue was already totally usable which was great, there are some lovely red curtains at the back, and the tech desk is Stage Right, which meant I could easily jump between compering and teching as well. The venue provided tech for playback through minijack, jack and CD, and there was a microphone and stand, although we ended up not using this as the space is quite small. The performance space was probably about two metres by 3. The lublic seemed very comfortable, the staff were good at chatting and pointing people down. The only downside of the venue I can possibly conjure up is that it's not in the centre of old town, but to be honest, this wasn't a problem - we put a small map on the back of the flyers, and our audience numbers were good. We also had a lot of returning audience which was great. It was difficult to flyer directly outside the venue - I would recommend a combination of the Mile, Cowgate, exit flyering and outside Edinburgh Playhouse as flyering spots.

The show before mine was at times quite slow to pack up, on occasion running into my performance slot which was frustrating, and failed to ever mention my show to audiences, but were very happy for me to exit flyer and generally pleasant. A couple of times I arrived to find they weren't there at all. The show after was very helpful, mentioning my show to his audience and arriving early enough to help.

Overall, we had an exceptionally positive experience. Thank you to The Street for having us!!
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