Ash pryce: Haunted

Ash pryce: Haunted

Postby ashpryce » 17 Nov 2015, 13:21

The Venue
The Street is a lovely bar, well situated in just the right place- far enough away that there is less direct competition especially for walk by audience, but close enough so you don’t miss out.

The performance space was a small area which worked well for my show which, although requiring volunteers, was really a one man show and could fit my table and chair quite easily.

Tech wise it provided a beautifully positioned spot light to cover the performance area, and the staff very kindly put up some red curtains which really added to the feel of the place, especially as most shows were cabaret/ magic themed. It felt so very right. The sound system was good and again the staff arranged it so there was minimal required form us other than to plug in and play.

I cannot speak more highly of the staff at the venue. Staff are usually very good at venues, but Wendy and Louise really went the extra mile to make sure we were able to do our shows. Not only did they do the entirety of the set up for us before the Fringe began as well as the close down/ get out they also made sure we had storage space and even disconnected the hand dryers in the loos to reduce noise bleed. Honestly, you will struggle to find more accommodating and straight forward people who want to help.

The majority of my audience came through the wee blue book. After six years on the FF I have learnt this is the best way of getting audiences in so I spent more time promoting the book than my own show (making sure my flier was marking my page of course). I always end up with more fliers at the end of the run than I expect, fliering is a thankless task and I’m not truthfully sure how much good it does, though did have some impact at my other venue (see Kilderkin). A mix of word of mouth and the blue book did more than the hours of fliering did.

Audience Numbers
Pretty good. The room was almost always filled and the intimate space always made it feel full even with only a dozen in. Audiences weren’t as high as I’d like but that may be more to do with the show not being as clearly defined as I’d like, but after some alterations during week one when we found our feet audiences were consistent.

The show
Not my best work admittedly, but certainly improved as the month went on. It was my first full straight forward magic show so there were some teething problems at the start and two routines were dropped pretty quickly- not because they weren’t any good but because me and my techie felt they didn’t quite fit. It provided a great learning curve.

This got better as the month went on but heavily fluctuated. The worst take was less than £3 the best over £70 but the average was about £30.
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