Jean Luc Picard and Me - show 114 at The Stafford Centre.

Jean Luc Picard and Me - show 114 at The Stafford Centre.

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Jean Luc Picard and Me - show 114 at The Stafford Centre.

The staff at The Stafford Centre were absolutely lovely and supportive, as were the volunteers that manned the cafe during the fringe. They stored props and show items for you, and were friendly and kind, asking how the show went and how you were doing. The place had a really lovely and collaborative atmosphere to it.

The venue isn’t the same as doing a show in a pub or venue, as it is a community centre, so although there is a cafe in the venue the room you perform in is rather stark and exposed, with huge windows, so you have to work quite hard to get a relaxed atmosphere for the audience.

Saying that, once you know how the room works it is a good place to create a nice and intimate experience, where you can really connect with your audience.

The centre is out of the way, with not a lot of foot traffic. Most people who pass by are locals, or getting a bus, rather than fringe goers, so it is not in a easy location to get people to come to. The audience tended to come due to seeing posters, fringe guides, wee blue book guides, or if I had had a conversation with them whilst flyering. Or if they really liked Star Trek. Blindly handing out flyers didn’t work as much as pitching the show to people. Also exit flyering similarly themed shows worked really well.

smallest audience 4:

Average donation was £3. Some people were really generous and some people gave coppers, but I imagine that is standard.

The audience wasn’t huge, but people who came wanted to really see the show.

It was my first fringe and i had previously done it in theatres and venues, so had to overcome performing in a unforgiving space, but got a good flow going after the first couple of shows. I also learnt a lot about how to work a different kind of room and what to lean on more in the show which suited the location.

My show was power point and I ended up using their TV to present my show rather than a projector. The other shows at the venue were other spoken word performers and were absolutely amazing, and we saw each others shows and supported each other. Although it is difficult to get people to come all the way to the venue, you do have all the attention of the audience watching, and if people have come that way they really want to see your show.

They don’t sell alcohol at the venue but there are lots of nice pubs nearby I sent the audience to if they got to the show early and wanted a drink. This was good on weekends as the venue didn’t open up until half an hour before (it is normally closed on weekends so opened up especially).
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