Cassie Atkinson & Oh Standfast -Comedy in progress - 12:55pm

Cassie Atkinson & Oh Standfast -Comedy in progress - 12:55pm

Postby Cas+ » 18 Sep 2015, 13:53

Susie (New years shindig) has covered the space and experience pretty perfectly.

The room is great, fit's around 30 when full but if you have a smaller audience it doesn't feel empty at all.
The staff are all friendly and helpful, the venue provide a great fan, PA and we clubbed together to buy a couple of extra lights.

The one lesson learnt from performing at the venue is marketing. As it's slightly out of the way some days you need to work hard to get a good sized audience in. As we were the first slot of the day there weren't a lot of shows happening before us we could exit flyer but we found flyering around the pleasance dome helpful.

If you perform here it may be helpful to have a gimmick or hook with your show to help sell it but it's a lovely room to perform in.

Weekends were always busy for us, during the week quieter. The last week of the fringe the quietest of them all, this seemed to be the case for most across the fringe as the whole festival was moved back a week.

The shows at the venue had a strong sense of community too, we were all in it together!
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