Susie & Ollies New Years Shindig 4.30pm

Susie & Ollies New Years Shindig 4.30pm

Postby susiesteed » 08 Sep 2015, 13:50

The room at Southsider is perfect for Stand Up Comedy. Quite low ceilings, dark wooden walls, lighting that can be dimmed. It has seating in church like benches so audience can space out on quiet days or you can pack them in on busier ones. Has all you need in terms of sound and tech with big speakers. We were on in the afternoon at 4.30 so didn’t have any noise from the pub coming in.

All the bar staff were friendly and helpful. The pub even build a board with signs for what is on and for us all to put our flyers on.

On the set up day there were tiny things that needed to be done, someone got a couple of desk lamps (bought by Rory for £5 each) that we split the cost of for spotlight.

We couldn’t ask for more in terms of the set up or the layout of the room.

We did struggle to get punters in.
We sometimes got locals in from the pub, but the people in the pub were mostly there to watch sport.
The pub is near the Pleasance and the venues at the University which did mean that it is one of the first free venues to show up on the festival app and we did definitely get people in that way. But, overall this was the one challenge of this venue as there aren’t people walking past or in the bar you can easily scoop up. You really have to make an effort flyering. We would flyer queues earlier on in the day at other free fringe venues or go down on cowgate near other free fringe places. We’d also try and nab people exiting the Pleasance or University area. You can’t rely on grabbing people from the pub or surrounding streets just prior to your show.

That said, the show before us, (Rory O’Keeffe) did manage to pack out the room every day so it can be done!

Our bucket takes were reasonable when we got people in, Saturdays were really busy and we were turning people away apart from on very quiet one.

So, overall, the room and set up is perfect. The location is a bit spilt off from other free fringe venues.
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