Science of Sex 5pm 8-15 August

Science of Sex 5pm 8-15 August

Postby rosiewilby » 01 Sep 2015, 14:33

Rosie Wilby: The Science Of Sex
Staff: The staff were so incredibly helpful and enthusiastic about shows. They were very happy to change up money from the bucket into notes. Nick responded to all my emails about tech queries and promotion in advance of the festival. The venue were engaged on twitter and Facebook.
Audience: on the two Saturdays I did, it was rammed and we were turning people away. It was tricky to know where to tell people to queue / wait as other venues next door on Cowgate had their own queues too. Midweek, all the seats were taken yet nobody standing. There's not a huge amount of flyer and poster space but nick did put a poster up and display a few flyers.
Bucket: very good.
Tech: the PA system was onstage and easy to self-operate.
Storage: the one slight drawback with this otherwise excellent venue is there's no real space to store props / set so it's best for relatively simple shows.
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