13.50 Zero Quest [UPPER]

13.50 Zero Quest [UPPER]

Postby Calum MacInnes » 10 Nov 2015, 14:43

Overall the experience was great and I thouroughly enjoyed my first full fringe run.

I felt the location was tricky, on one hand Silk was very close to the centre of things but despite this at times felt far removed. From flyering outside I felt it was difficult to promote the venue with so little signage out front. I think if Silk were to be a venue again, more promo stuff out front would be necessary.

The Venue
The Venue itself was grand. Shout outs to all the staff, particularly Marie and Cat for being immensely helpful. My only problem with the venue was the brightness of the upper room, as the lights only had one setting (on) it was challenging to make it feel more theatrical.

Audience numbers were really mixed for me, ranging from 2 to 30. This may be partly due to being quite a niche show. The wee blue book was a massive help tho and I definitely think it was responsible for the bulk of my audience. The audience members themselves were generous and very responsive to the show.

I got on well with all the other performers at Silk. Sian and Zoe were both really suportive to a first time venue captain, while Struan Logan was there with the answers when needed.

Finally thanks to the PBH free fringe for having me and I will hopefully see you again in 2016

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