12.35 Sian & Zoe: Endings (upper)

12.35 Sian & Zoe: Endings (upper)

Postby SianandZoe » 04 Oct 2015, 11:12

Venue Location

- Very little footfall past the actual venue – our most effective audience draw was on the Mile, from which we could give loose directions.

- A number of us using the venue agreed that putting maps on flyers would have helped audiences.

The Room

- Would have improved our show to have more than one lighting state.

- Room was difficult to reach for audiences with accessibility issues.

- We would have benefited from more details about technical set-up and facilities, as we would have sourced our own lighting with prior knowledge about the room’s limitations.

Venue Staff

- On the whole very helpful, in particular both managers (Kat and Vari), and staff behind the bar during the performance.

- However, several instances where the venue wasn’t open as arranged when we arrived, therefore our get-in and show were delayed – this was more frequent towards the end of the Fringe festival.

- We would have benefited from better communication about when the venue was being reverted to nightclub mode, and knowing when we would need to factor in extra get-in time to put in tech equipment and chairs.


- Felt very supported by our venue captain Calum MacInnes, who helped source missing tech equipment and directed audiences to our show in the overlap before his.

- Also by the other performers at the venue, and where possible we attended each others’ shows to support and boost numbers.

-Our venue was somewhat isolated from the rest of the PBH Free Fringe but onetheless we benefited from the handing out of the Wee Blue Book and from our part distributed as many volumes as possible.

Run as a whole

- Audiences were generally generous with their bucket contributions and we passed our donation to Calum at the end of the festival.

Thanks for having us Silk & PBH! S&Z
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