USOL Hyperbowl

USOL Hyperbowl

Postby Liam_Sullivan » 14 Jan 2016, 09:49

We were in the lower room. The space itself was really good; essentially a long rectangle. Could fit in plenty of people for a busier show, but didn't feel exposed on a quieter one.

The staff were friendly and helpful. They weren't allowed to give us the code for the store room - which made setting up a little difficult between shows. Unfortunately after a few days the staff numbers also seemed to reduce, which could sometimes mean you had to search the three floors to find someone to let you in the store room. And audience members would have to head upstairs (into a different show) to get a drink.

There were some technical issues. The options for lighting were basically either disco lighting or having all the lights off. That was solved easily enough by someone for one of the other shows very kindly buying some spotlights. We struggled with the audio set up, though our show had a lot of sound cues.

We struggled a bit for audience numbers, which was I suspect at least partly due to location. On a map the location looked quite good - right by Grassmarket. Unfortunately, the venue was down a road with no other venues, shops, or reasons to head down the road. There were no signs of life save for the bus parking for the castle. There was no foot traffic and audience members had to be persuaded to head well away from Grassmarket round to an empty and quiet corner. There were some good nights were we had busy shows. And most nights there were enough people to do a quiet show. There were also a few nights were shows had to be pulled because we didn't have an audience.
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