Letting Off Steam-Kate Fox and Union Jill. 5.30-6.30. 8-15 A

Letting Off Steam-Kate Fox and Union Jill. 5.30-6.30. 8-15 A

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Pilgrim is a pleasant bar, up Robertson's Close which apparently makes it a bit hard to find, though it felt quite central to me. Always plenty of people about to flyer from Cowgate (Two of us usually flyered plus we used the world's best flyerer Jenni Pascoe).
Friendly staff and always helpful about getting us the bits we stored from their cupboards.
The curtained off performance area was okay seating-wise and light wise, just very difficult sound-wise, even sometimes on the quieter days.


I found this show easier to sell than my previous one in the Banshee Labyrinth. We had 40 on the weekends, 30 on other days, except when we dropped to 15 on the Tuesday. Very happy with our audiences. Some people said they were pulled in by our flyer design (three women looking friendly). I think the music element helped.


We sold CDs/books and counted that, so it can be hard to say accurately- but we averaged about £3 a person. Often between £80-110. Would have been less without merchandise which took our average up. Very appreciative audiences. Our show was good though- two good musicians, one good spoken word artist and a well rehearsed show. That's why the sound issue was quite frustrating. It was only intolerable on the Saturdays- though I hate to see audience members straining their ears to hear which happened on a few other days too. As one of the previous acts said "A feminist folk group competing with three stag parties". That really should not happen- forty people who might as well have seen something else and may well now see the Free Fringe as a less quality experience. I'd recommend a black out curtain or even proper blacks (you can get free standing ones). Or timing shows differently. This venue is clearly really keen to be part of the free fringe and enthusiastic about it- so perhaps compromises could be made. I would certainly never ever attempt to play here on a Saturday again and I don't think it's fair to performers or audiences to do so.


There was a nice feeling of acts pulling together in this venue- and it was a really nice, complementary line up of shows in our week. Was sad not to see them all properly but I think audiences would have got a lot from staying the whole day. We haven't put into the various "Rate your show" type things, as were only here a week and didn't social media connect with lots of our audience- but feel confident they'd have rated us highly. Union Jill, the musical duo, hadn't played the Fringe before and were blown away by the whole experience. It was pleasurable and productive for all of us- and we think we've an audience here. Whether it can/should be done without a venue that can really technically accommodate a three person music-spoken word show is another matter.
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