Edinburgh in the Shadows (435)

Edinburgh in the Shadows (435)

Postby Maxillus » 10 Sep 2015, 16:53

The Pilgrim was a good venue and made a welcome change from some of the dingy basements we have played in previous years. Comfortable seats and nice ambience.

We liked:

The friendly bar staff who were willing to oblige, the size and performing area of the venue and the informal & comfortable seating for audiences.

We didn't like:

The fact that the curtain was removed each night and, as first show, we always had to find it and then put it back up (though this was a VERY minor inconvenience and we quickly became very adept at teetering on shaky stools and applying cable ties!) The worst thing about the venue was the fact that the performance area was only separated from the main bar by a curtain, and it was hard to compete if noisy parties were in the main room


And excellent venue with friendly helpful staff and easy to find and comfortable for audiences.

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