Opium Downstairs

Opium Downstairs

Postby aclevene » 01 Sep 2015, 14:23

I was on at 13:45. Staff at Opium are great, really lovely. Buckets varied between £10 and £80, my show was a mixed variable bill. Most of the audience came from flyering although some from the brochure. There's high footfall at that time down cowgate and the grassmarket. I flyered and had one extra flyerer for 90 mins before the show. Downstairs you can fit about 20 sitting plus another 15 in the booths (but some are facing away from the stage). The only slight issue was with noise leaking through from audience waiting for the next show. So you might want to make quiet signs to put up (Tracy the manager was fine with this), I never got around to it personally. They provided an amp and mic. When packed out I had about 9 standing as well. Lowest audience in terms of numbers was 8, highest around 40. at least 20 people about 2/3rds of the shows. Chairs are provided but the venue captain needs to get 3 pbh back drops for the downstairs bit. I definitely think Opium is one of the better venues.

I've built a decent relationship with Deano (the tech), and the rest of the staff and would like to be venue captain again next year.
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