6.45pm Sonny Delight (Opium downstairs)

6.45pm Sonny Delight (Opium downstairs)

Postby halbranson » 25 Jan 2016, 15:43

We were downstairs at Opium at 6.45-7.45. We found the venue accommodating, the staff very helpful and we built up a good relationship with them over the course of the run. As other reports have flagged there was an issue with noise spilling over from the bar into the performance area. PBH did their best to rectify this early on by fitting a curtain and this definitely helped create a physical barrier and a better performance space. The addition of some lighting for the stage area might help improve the audience experience but aside from that the space is great to play. The venue is in a great position for footfall and we topped our audience up daily as a result of flyering prior to the show. Our bucket takings averaged at £50 a day. Overall a great venue to play and a venue with some excellent members of staff.

Hal, Sammy & Lauren

N.B Apologies for this report not being submitted sooner. We though the third member of our group, having been the main point of contact for the show, had already done this.
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