2.30pm Worst Show on the Fringe

2.30pm Worst Show on the Fringe

Postby TheManinTheBowlerHat » 03 Sep 2015, 02:17

Venue: Movement is a fairly large venue that is normally a nightclub on Cowgate.

Performance Space: A lovely room, there were about 70 seats plus you could fit about another 70 or so standing. There was a proper stage area and sightlines from most vantage points were very good.

Venue Staff: All the venue staff that I met and dealt with were superb. I cannot praise them highly enough for their helpfulness and friendliness.

How you advertised your show: My show was in both the PBH programme and the Fringe programme. On top of this I had 25 posters around the city. I started with having 2 flyerers doing 2 hours each for the first 4 days but unfortunately they weren't very good so I had to get rid of them. I had one person helping me flyer for an hour for the second week but apart from that I did the flyering myself, usually for about 2 hours before the gig.

Audience Numbers: Audience numbers were very good all through my run. Smallest audience was approx 50, largest was around 150.

Show itself: I thought it went pretty well. The Daily Record rated it as one of their Top 10 Free Shows of the Fringe.

Buckets: My buckets were pretty good all the way through. Being on first and with it being a compilation show always hits the amount that you get in a bucket but I can't complain.

Technical set up: PA was great, lighting was provided by Jollyboat and made a huge difference to how professional the venue looked. The one concern was that the electric power socket could be a bit tempermental. Oh, and the time when the plug was missing its back.

Admin: Was generally excellent, many thanks to Jollyboat for this. Only slight annoyance was when people either didn't turn up to set up the PA (which ate massively into my flyering time when it happened) or when they'd set the PA up but obviously not actually tested it. I'd also like to say a massive thank you to Alistair Barrie who would often help with the set up when it hadn't been done by whoever was supposed to do it.

Other Points: Room was lovely and cool. Lack of seats was a bit of a shame as I'd have rather had everyone sat down but it worked even with half the audience standing. We did have a poster on a barrier outside the venue but it would have been better to have been able to hang one from the front of the venue. There was a second level but I never used it.

Overview: I had a superb time here. I managed to get exceptional audiences in for my whole run, deliver good quality acts, get good laughs, collect a decent bucket. I'd go back there in a heartbeat.


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