No More Stage Three

No More Stage Three

Postby Alistair Barrie » 02 Sep 2015, 21:06

Mostly very happy all round.

Venue: The space was ideal for my show. Decent sized stage and mostly good sight lines with about fifty/sixty chairs fanned out from the stage. Only possible improvement might have been a few more chairs, but realistically they were only needed at weekends and whether or not you could sensibly fit that many more in is debatable.

Staff: Generally couldn't speak highly enough of them. They even insisted on putting some money into my bucket on the last day because they 'loved the show' even though I tried to turn it down. The venue manager brought his mum. I took up Paul B's suggestion of putting all small change in their tip jar. Not much, admittedly, but do think added up over all shows is worth doing, and might be an idea to strongly suggest as best practise all across the Free Fringe.

Tech: Special thanks to Jollyboat for the light - really made the space feel like a proper performance space. Mostly everything worked fine, though it might be an idea for the venue to check the plug socket in the DJ booth which could be a little temperamental. At one point the back was left off the plug on the extension lead itself which was not ideal although I managed to find a new back cover from a different plug. No idea if that was us or the venue but not a great idea either way on the health and safety front.

Bucket: Very happy with my buckets this year. I was happy with the show, I had a pretty good bucket speech and I was giving 10% of my take to a breast cancer charity, so the audience were very generous. Certainly more than I made in 2013 and I was very happy with it then.

Team collaboration: Mostly fine. A couple of teething problems which are only to be expected, but generally very diplomatically handled by Jollyboat as venue captains. Myself and Nig Lovell did have to cover set up rather more than anyone else as we came in earlier. This caused a bit of friction on a couple of occasions as it prevented us flyering as we had intended. I don't wish to be overly critical as I don't think it was specifically anyone's fault but UCLU didn't appear to be getting messages about set up etc. They changed team halfway through and might want to look at their point of contact arrangement in future. On the one occasion that I did get a bit irate, they were immediately apologetic, explained the misunderstanding that had occurred and there wasn't a problem after that.

Numbers seemed very good for everyone in general. I paid flyerers and flyered myself and probably averaged around fifty or so up to approx 150 at weekends. I only had one really bad day and that was probably my fault for taking my eye off the ball.

All in all another brilliant Free Fringe experience. Many thanks to all involved.

See you next year I hope.

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