17:00 Jollyboat - Nerdplay

17:00 Jollyboat - Nerdplay

Postby EdJollyboat » 23 Sep 2015, 20:28


Movement is an excellent space. We've been here 3 years now, and I'm still loving it. It's not the most pleasant environment, but it's central and it's large, and the stage is a great hight, and positioned well.
The lighting provided by the venue is not sufficient - for the last two years we have provided lighting. If you're playing this venue next year, check if we're on the line-up - if we are, we'll bring lights. If we're not, get in touch with your venue captain about getting some lighting sorted, because you'll need it!


The staff changes at this venue most years. Jamie has been around two years - he's an absolute joy to work with. I would hope that he'd stay, but I like him too much, and I'd rather he moved to a job that makes him happier.
If Jamie is still there next year, count yourself lucky.


Jollyboat has been building a following for 6 years now, and we were pretty busy. Also, we had a specific pitch this year (Nerdplay - nerdy comedy songs), and those bring in audience.
Being on at 5pm in a central venue doesn't hurt, obviously.


I'm not sure of our takings because the other Jollyboat does our accounting. I'm going to estimate £5k - that's about what we took last year.


See the above note about lighting.
Our technical setup was complex this year, and we sometimes struggled with the setup time - but that's our problem.
We had a standard PBH PA system, which worked admirably.
Note - somebody needs to set up the PA each morning in the this venue! It's a big thing for the venue captain to handle.


Everybody was a pleasure to work with. We were venue captain, and we captained two venues this year (our other venue - Sportsters - had not suitable volunteers). As such, I didn't feel we could give the attention to Movement that it deserved/required. Thanks to the team for pulling together and sorting our any differences amicably!

If you venue captain Movement, note these two things:
1) Somebody needs to set up the PA every morning, before the first show. The venue usually opens at 1pm (though that may change on your year) giving a relatively small window. Rotas mostly work, but there are always occasions when somebody forgets their slot - it's preferable if you're in town and can set up yourself (it take 10 minutes).
2) You need to provide lighting for this venue. We bring too Parcans - they cost about £60, and flood the stage with enough white light for the shows to work just fine.


There's a cloakroom and a cellar - generally the storage is a little damp, and can get full of stuff (the venue uses it for booze), but it's perfectly functional. As I mentioned above, we had a lot of tech and set this year, and this venue met our needs.

Great venue, great staff. Enjoy performing there!
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