Butt Kapinski in Liquid Rooms

Butt Kapinski in Liquid Rooms

Postby deanna_fleysher » 29 Dec 2015, 21:52

I had a wonderful experience with PBH Free Fringe and will hopefully be able to be a part of it again.

My show is an interactive probably-weird comedy/clown/bouffon show. I've been touring it for a few years in North America, so although this was my UK debut, it was a pretty polished piece.

The show was listed in the main program, the PBH program, I had ads on the Fringe website, I flyered, and I did a lot of spots in variety/cabaret shows where I was able to flyer, and I had a great PR who helped me get reviews/interviews. I felt great about my run. My audience size ranged from 25-130, but I'd say it was between 40-50 most days. My spot was at 2:10pm.

My show was in the Annexe for the full month. Liquid Rooms is AWESOME. The space is cool and labyrinthine, the beer garden is cute. I'm not sure why we needed to have confusing names for the spaces in the venue. Audience members were perpetually confused about where they were going, despite our pretty decent signage. I think it would be great if the names of the spaces were just Liquid Rooms Main, Basement and maybe Basement Annexe or something like that? Annexe Extra and Double were confusing for folks.

It's a concert venue, so sound is GREAT. I used a mic which is definitely the right call in that space. They curtained it off and definitely made it more intimate, but it's still got a really high ceiling. Lighting is a bit limited in terms of what they have, but if you don't need anything fancy, great. But if they can do it, they will. I can't say enough good things about the staff. They were incredibly friendly, helpful, can-do, cool, warm. They helped me in so many ways, and were just really relaxed and competent. I was so grateful for them.

I agree with what everyone else is saying in terms of people's difficulty finding the venue, and signage. The venue next door was a bit aggressive, too, with way bigger signs.

My buckets were pretty good. I also sold merch, which helped a bit. Some people are totally fine with giving you 5 pounds, some people give you pennies. That's just how it goes. I will probably work on my bucket speech a bit for next time, because that can't hurt.

My dealings with PBH Free Fringe were awesome. I love Paul B. Edwards and found him extremely helpful and hilarious during the entire process. Miranda Kane was our unofficial Venue Queen, and she helped me loads (especially because I was a first year Venue Captain). The whole thing rocked and I'm applying again.
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