The LipSinkers @ Annex Double

The LipSinkers @ Annex Double

Postby The LipSinkers » 07 Dec 2015, 14:50

We performed the Annex Double for the last two weeks of the festival. The space is HUGE and the stage is really long and thin so we had to reorganise ourselves a bit to fit the show to the space as we weren't given a lot of info before we got there. We also rearranged the show a little bit to embrace the stage and space. There was a bar at the back which was great for us as people could buy a drink without drawing attention.

Their tech support (Glynn you legend!)was really great as we had a last minute Tech drop out. The bar staff were really good to us too and we all got on really well.

We were in the main program and the PBH program and sent out press releases. We had bookers and reviewers in and have been booked for further shows throughout the U.K. We printed flyers and would put them around the venue during the day as well as putting up posters throughout. We got a good review from the Times and put it up towards the end of the run.

We also ran a LipSinkers party on the middle Monday of our run in another space at the The Liquid Rooms where we DJed and invited people for a dance which was great.

The venue can be a little tricky to find and sometimes one of the entrances was closed. Some people got a bit lost trying to find it so we would recommend printing a little map of the venue on your flyers.

The venue let us leave some stuff at the venue during the show which was a big help as we had a lot of props.

Overall it is a great venue, there is a few performance areas so there is a bit of a buzz about the place,especially in the evenings and the beer garden is a great addition.

For next year more clearly established and sign posted entrances would be great as we did feel some people tried to find the show but couldn't find it and gave up. Overall though it was a great experience, the staff were lovely and we would recommend it.

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