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The venue - The Liquid Room Annexe. It's used as a nightclub, it has 3 different rooms. The Annexe, The Annexe Extra, Annexe double. My show was in the Annexe Extra, which was a large space. It's pretty great central location. It is has an excellent beer garden which was a great place for people to hang out before shows.

The performance area - My venue had no lighting options. It was lights up/ lights down. Sound system was great and very easy to use. The original stage in the venue, was raised way too high, since it's used for DJ's but we had a makeshift stage created, which worked out really well. Capacity was flexible. Chairs were set up for about 30-50 people but you had flexibility to add chairs or remove them. Capacity could reach up to 200 people, at least. The Ceiling was high, made it a little harder on the Voice. There was a "backstage" area off to Stage Left. There was a bar in the Venue where people could get drinks at they entered the space, but it wasn't open every day. But Beer Garden had drinks always. There was a crawlspace for storage of Props & Costumes.

The team of staff at the venue - The staff were amazing! They were so helpful. It took a few days for everyone to be on the same page, and understand how everything was going to be run, but staff directed people to venues. They helped me out with getting a Blackout at the end of each show.

How you advertised your show - I advertised my show in the Main Fringe Program Book, as well as PBH Free Fringe Booklet. I flyered always at least 2 hours before the show, sometimes just the hour before. I hired a flyerer for 2 hours a day and flyered myself. I created a flyer with my friends show (Nymphomania) on it as well so we could both gain more audience and coverage, as flyers were handed out. I put up posters in some coffee shops, but many posters around the Venue. I had a large Banner I kept in the Beer Garden. Word of mouth was a big way to gain traction and I used Twitter, Facebook.

How your shows went in terms of audience numbers - Considering I knew no one, and it was my first time, I was so impressed with my audiences. My smallest house ever was 10 people. On average I played to 20-30 people and on Weekends I would play to houses of 70-90 people. I took Wednesdays off which was a slow day. Early week was obviously slower but still had some great houses on a Sunday, or a Monday. You never know.

Your show itself - I had been doing my show on and off for many years, but i re-wrote it and did a combination of ONEymoon and it's sequel "Significant Me" and brought the 2 shows together to create this script. I did a 2 week run in Hamilton, ON before Edinburgh where I really found the show. I felt confident with it coming to Edinburgh. Each night, I found something new. I made minor changes along the way, each night, but also had audience participation which was really fun to day every night. I found audiences understand my "Canadian" sense of humour. I had to alter some references so that they would get it, or "step out" of the show to explain but that made the show a lot of fun. My show was at 8:25pm which was a little bit of a tricky time, only because I was against all the Big Acts, but I enjoyed performing at that time. I did notice that earlier time slots were easier to gather audience because not everyone had tickets booked at that time.

Buckets - I was happy with buckets. Again you never knew what you were getting. Shocking that sometimes smaller houses, bigger buckets, and often bigger crowds, smaller buckets. I always made enough money so that I could survive off that the next day:)

Technical set-up at the venue - A mic. Basic lighting. Storage space for props and costumes. I had a few things for my set which i easily stored. Pretty rushed to get in, but always had help and stared the show on time. I needed chairs moved to create an aisle, and previous show, or Venue Staff helped with this. CD player was there which I used. I had my friend as my tech. I could have used a little bit of a "tech rehearsal" prior to first show. I would love if every act got a 15 -30 min technical rehearsal if requested.

Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you) - This was really great. We all pitched in to get more signage. We communicated a lot on Facebook. Thanks to Miranda Kane and Deanna Fleysher for working on this signage. Kate Smurthwaite, Paul B. Edwards were both great as well in communication.

Overall, for my first time in Edinburgh, First time doing PBH I had an incredible experience. I was very happy with my Venue and I did way better than I expected. The Venue's only challenge was that it was a little tricky to find. People were confused when they did find it, as to what show they were seeing and which one of the 3 different Venues, in the Annex they were going to. I think once signage was put up, and people starting learning where it was, it became easier. There were some really strong shows there and strong performers that drew crowds the Liquid Room. It was hot Venue. Huge thanks to the Venue, Staff, to the Captains and to Peter Buckley Hill for accepting my show and allowing myself to have an incredible first year at the Free Fringe. I plan on returning 2016.
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