Paul Richards: Inadequate Man

Paul Richards: Inadequate Man

Postby paulrichards » 18 Sep 2015, 10:23

Whilst the first day or two was a little shaky; the room itself seemed hard to find, everyone worked collectively as a team to rectify this situation. Within a couple days it felt like a proper working venue, with audiences comfortably able to find the space thanks to signs and the directions of the staff.

The staff at the Liquid Room were all a joy to work with; opening up early and, as I was the first show of the day, I was allowed to set up my show an hour before performance (unheard of at fringe shows normally!) before going out to flyer again - I really appreciate this. The tech team there were all all extremely helpful, there was a real sense with the venue that everyone wanted this to work.

I flyered for 3 hours a day before the show, but, being completely solo, I found it hard to attract big audiences - as a result the (huge) venue felt a little too big for little me at times, but every performance happened with no no-shows, which was great. Smallest audience was 1 (she looked terrified of me!), biggest was just over 20 I think.

Sadly my run was cut prematurely short due to the illness of my father back home, so I had to dash back at the start of week 3; thanks again to PBH and the team for your understanding in this difficult time.

To conclude, though, the Liquid Room is a cracking venue run by brilliant people - although if you're relatively unknown/completely solo with little audience pulling power it can be a little daunting, but for established acts and cabaret/variety acts it's ideal.
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