The Warwick Revue present: Sketch Education

The Warwick Revue present: Sketch Education

Postby Florrie Sheehan » 05 Sep 2015, 13:30

The Liquid Room Annexe is a wonderful venue with a spacious stage area. It has a well-proportioned seating area with sofas dotted around the outskirts of the room which were used on the busier nights. Our audience sizes ranged from 40 – 70, with Fridays and Saturdays being the busiest, so we were perfectly suited to a venue of this size.
Its location was superb, being just off Cowgate we were able to get a lot of last minute passers-by to each of the shows.
There were a few teething problems with the Annexe venue being used as access to the larger Liquid Rooms venues. This caused quite a bit of noise disruption, however it was solved by a member of our crew manning the doors each night to direct people to the other venues as quietly as possible. I’m sure that this problem will be sorted for next year by simply opening up the main entrance to the Liquid Rooms on Victoria Street.
The staff at the Liquid Rooms were incredibly helpful and patient dealing with a few technical issues we had regarding our lighting. I would like to say a massive thank you to them and to our venue captain Elliot, who were all lovely to work with and were very generous with their time when we needed a helping hand.
All in all, the Liquid Room Annexe was a fantastic venue and it was an absolute pleasure to put on a show there. Thank you to PBH Fringe for giving us such a wonderful place to perform.
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