19.30 The Lastminute Comedy Club

19.30 The Lastminute Comedy Club

Postby Paul B Edwards » 04 Sep 2015, 11:42

Liquid Room Annexe is in its second year with PBH and after a few initial teething problems quickly became a very good room to play. Everyone is going to have the same moans about it re. lack of signage, the dreaded curtain and the problem with a shared entrance for three venues but I think this will all be sorted out by next year. Liquid Room (and ourselves actually) never expected so MANY people to be in the three rooms and this led to one or two shows suffering from the success of others.

As for The Lastminute Comedy Club - we had very good numbers most days and other than a freakish Wednesday when only four people showed up, generally held on to 50+ and rammed at the weekends. There are a LOT of very good acts in these venues - Liquid Room became a bit of a showbiz hub with award winners and famous types all around and I christened the complex a "Free Fringe Pleasance". It's bound to be in great demand next year and I'm sure will go from strength to strength.

Thanks to all the staff and the management team for seemingly managing to deal with every issue that came up quickly and efficiently. I was amazed at how well everything went really - it could easily have descended into chaos, particularly as one or two of the acts could be a little selfish at times. I had a great laugh following Brendon Burns however and even managed to get him to do a set for me before the end of the run. A daily compilation show like ours is always going to be relatively popular but it still helps when we get acts of his standard to do a short set and raise the bar.

Buckets were good in the main. I have very few complaints and look forward to maybe being back next year. In other words - no you're not having my slot.
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