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Tiernan Douieb - The World's Full Of Idiots, Let's Live In S

Postby TiernanDouieb » 01 Sep 2015, 20:28

I really liked the Liquid Rooms. My show was in the Annexe downstairs, the room they used last year as a venue too. It looked great and the sound and lighting were excellent once we knew how to work them all. Apart from one pillar to the right of the room, all the audience could see and I could easily fit 100+ people in the room on a busy day. The only downside was the large gap in the wall, that lead to the corridor. After a few days, curtains were hung up which helped, but you could still hear people walking past to get to the other two rooms, and they were often noisy. It is the only way to get to the other rooms or the beer garden via Cowgate so it was a problem. Sometimes people would just wander in during the show, often confusing it for other shows, often interrupting punchlines. The doors in corridor would slam quite loudly too. I was able to incorporate all of this into my show so it ended up being ok, if constantly frustrating.

This was my only gripe though, and that perhaps there could have been better sign posting. But all the Liquid Room staff were amazing and very friendly. Stewart, Connor, John, Megan and Ryan were a very lovely bunch of people to work with and tried their very best to make it all accommodating for acts and audience. There were days were the venue was understaffed and so things would run less smoothly but I think that was down to it being the first year they've run it like this and so weren't sure what to expect. I reckon next year will be even better.

Elliot and Miranda were great venue captains (I know Miranda wasn't captain for the Annexe but she was very helpful for all the acts in that room too) and there was always a nice atmosphere there. The acts before - Kane and Abel - always tided up the stage quickly and I only started my show late once or twice due to large crowds or other reasons. Bucket takings were generally pretty good. Great on weekends and obviously less so on weekdays, especially Weds and Thursday. I never had an audience lower than 25, with audiences being around 100 on Saturdays and somewhere in-between on other days.

All in all, would definitely recommend it as a venue, just hope they sort out the corridor/wall gap situation next year.
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