Men With Coconuts - 12:15pm

Men With Coconuts - 12:15pm

Postby wnaameh » 12 Sep 2015, 15:29

La Belle Angele is a beautiful, modern nightclub with great tech setup and a very big stage. Easily one of the biggest and nicest venues on the Free Fringe. Max capacity was about 200 people seated.

The staff at La Belle Angele were incredible. Our tech man and regular bar staff kept things running smoothly and efficiently, and were almost always on hand immediately when we struggled with tech. We were the first show in each day, and often the lights would be left in the previous states from yesterday's club night, which made set-up a bit tricky sometimes. Thankfully these issues were resolved on most occasions.

We advertised our show with 10,000 flyers and social media. Our first show had 100 people, and from then on our numbers were consistently strong, featuring a big number of returning audience members every show. Our biggest shows were 200 people seated at the weekends, with standing audience members at the back being so packed out there was physically no more space for people to stand. We reckon we were probably the biggest free improv comedy show on the Fringe in terms of raw audience numbers, alongside Spontaneous Sherlock (of which two of our actors are also members).

The show itself, a shortform improv comedy show with a longform improvised musical at the end, was very successful. We had consistently strong audience numbers from the start, and standing ovations from full crowds for a number of shows. This culminated in being named #1 Free Show on the Fringe by the Daily Record, which we were very happy about. Overall a hugely successful run for us.

Our buckets were very healthy, benefiting from a huge venue capacity, a respectable start time of 12:15pm and packed houses.

Our thanks to the Free Fringe, our very helpful venue captain, and to the staff at the La Belle Angele.
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