The Oxford Revue Presents (1.30pm)

The Oxford Revue Presents (1.30pm)

Postby dbs1107 » 09 Feb 2016, 10:27

This year, following the 'Free Footlights' model, we changed the line-up on the show each day. Overall this met with mixed success. Some of our acts were very strong, but others were considerably weaker, and changing the line-up each day inevitably meant that the shows ran less slickly than they would otherwise have done.

Venue and performance area
We really enjoyed being at La Belle Angele this year. The staff were friendly, the PA system worked perfectly, and although the audience area was quite large, the stage itself was not too big, which suited our comedy well. La Belle Angele has a fantastic location, making it easy to attract people down from the Mile.

Audience numbers were generally good, consistently drawing in around 50 people per show. One drawback of changing the line-up was that our flyering was much less focused: I think we would have been able to draw bigger audiences if we had kept the same line-up throughout, or changed the line-up week-by-week rather than day by day.

The technical side of the shows tended to run smoothly. The venue was small enough that we could use acoustic guitars without amplification, and generally only comperes and some stand-ups used mics. Again, because of the 'variety show' feel of having a changing line-up we kept lighting constant

In all, we had a good run at La Belle Angele. Huge thanks to the staff at La Belle Angele, our venue captain, and all at PBH for having us!
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