20:45 Pete Dobbing: Armchair Futurologist

20:45 Pete Dobbing: Armchair Futurologist

Postby PeteDobbing » 10 Nov 2015, 10:44

It's an amazing venue. It's undeniably out of the way, but a fantastic venue. A really nice room for comedy in a great pub. To make it work you will need to be prepared to put the time in to attract an audience, but if you do, you'll have a really good time with the people you get down.

I had the same slot as last year and improved on my numbers, I think this is mostly due to better flyer and poster design. I found flyering the people in the venue an hour before the show more effective than in more central venues. It's at the bottom of the old town and the pub punters aren't as overwhelmed or jaded as up the top.

The lighting is basic, and there is a very small amount of bleed, but even with the pub full this was minimal. The bar don't serve down the end closest to the venue bit so it feels separate.

The bar staff are consistently friendly and supportive. The beer is excellent and they give us a discount on food, which is also excellent.

There is a small amount of setting up to be done each day. This was co-ordinated really effectively by venue captain Alex Love and involved a 20min session once or twice a week to turn the room around in the afternoon before the first show.
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