All-In-One Fun

All-In-One Fun

Postby cerys78 » 02 Nov 2015, 09:18

I think Andy, the venue captain, has covered all aspects of the venue so I'll just add a bit from my experience!

I loved Hispaniola as a venue! I was doing a children's show and the interior decor of the venue, pirates and skellingtons, added to the fun vibe! The staff at the venue go out of their way to try and accommodate you. I had the first slot of the day so didn't really have to deal with the restaurant, Ciao Roma, being busy.

As a venue, hosting mainly shows that would potentially have props and equipment, the storage space was not adequate. We were told we could leave it at the back of the Ciao Roma performance room but I felt uneasy about this, as the room wasn't always monitored and during previous years stuff had gone missing. I couldn't afford for any of my props to go missing which meant I had to carry all my stuff around with me all day, which was not practical.
The set up and pack up of the room everyday was hardcore!!! All equipment needed to be set up first thing in the morning, which was obviously up to me as I was the first show of the day. After nearly a week of doing this on my own, I advised the other shows that they would all need to take a turn. Apart from the last show as they did the pack up every day and were happy doing this. Having to set up PA etc, then all the tables and chairs and then having to cable tie all the chairs together was a massive task to do on your own. All of this had to be completed before I even thought about flyering for my show.

I found most of my audience came from the Big Fringe book or the Wee Blue Book. Average audience was 30. Had an audience every day, so no show had to be pulled like I've had to do at previous venues. All in all, good location, lovely staff, just the set up and pack up are a ball ache!
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