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After being given Fingers Piano Bar in 2012/2013, I thought it was always going to be difficult to get an audience at the Fringe. How wrong I was. Globe Bar was a perfect location and my timeslot of 2.15pm was also a gift. The staff were all excellent and always wanted to help out with anything. I managed to set the chairs up everyday and hand out the flyers/Wee Blue Books on the tables. This was to give the staff less to do as they were usually pretty busy with bar prep.

The venue itself was brilliant. 40 chairs + 10 stools + seats all around the side of the room meant I could seat at least 60 people in the room. I was very lucky that this did happen on more than one occasion. The smallest audience I performed to was 12 (which, to be fair, was probably my average audience in 2012/2013) and I was able to pack the room in all of my final week's shows.

Anything less than a 50p coin in donations I put in the staff tip jar. But anything more was exchanged at the till with quick precision. I look forward to requesting the same venue/time for my show next year.
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