James Ross - Leopardoptera

James Ross - Leopardoptera

Postby fki01 » 01 Sep 2015, 18:37

I had a bloody excellent year at Globe this year.

The venue itself is pretty solid. The location absolutely can't be faulted - two minutes from the Mile, just off Cowgate. Capacity is pretty flexible as people can be shunted on to the cushions at the side and extra stools can be put up at the back - the room is full with anything from 30 to 45/50. We had full houses the whole run, but it was noticeably harder to achieve this in week 3. The room itself is sealed off by curtain from the main bar. This is quite sufficient every day of the week apart from Saturday, when the place is pretty busy with sports events: the passing trade is fairly ladsy, sports fans/backpackers and this may not be suitable for all shows (it generally wasn't for mine - backpackers yes, sports fans not so much). There is noise bleed from the bar on Saturdays and this does hurt your ability to create an atmosphere as a performer, but it is survivable. The room also gets pretty warm and sweaty, especially on busy sports days, but I'm probably not best placed to give a judgement on that as I sweat cobs on stage anyway. Audiences on these days ending up being quieter but bucket suggests they still enjoyed the show.

Beyond lovely. Couldn't do enough for us. All of them storming people. Pro-tip: if you end up with a fistful of coppers and silvers just stuff it in the tips jar. Also ask the audience to bring their glasses out. This is favour cheaply bought.

Other shows
Generally lovely and a very pleasant bunch. It would help with get in and get out for shows if everyone could ask audiences to take their glasses out with them during bucket speech. It's one line but it shortens the get in by about five minutes and makes the bar staff love you.
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