George Next Door - Space S - Shake'n'Shimmy

George Next Door - Space S - Shake'n'Shimmy

Postby Shantisha » 04 Sep 2015, 15:55

The space itself was really cosy, had several rows of chairs attached to each other (but the rows were movable), a very good PA, mic stand, carpeted floor, wooden stage and lighting that could be played with (in addition to the main lights there were also a couple of lamps that could be used as spotlights and a string of fairy lights to add to the ambience). For our show the room had additional advantage of pretty high ceilings (so that I could stand on my husband's shoulders and juggle comfortably) - and a green room accessible from near the stage. There was also one more extra exit on the other side of the stage, leading into the communal area. All in all - three doors. Might happen to be very useful for some shows.

I chose this space for various reasons. Apart from the height of the ceilings and the greenroom - it was the atmosphere and the fact that it wasn't too big. We only did our show for 5 days in the last week of the Fringe and as we applied too late to be in the PBH's printed programme - we were struggling to get the audiences. So, thanks to the configuration and the atmosphere of the space, when only two audience members turned up I was still able to do the show for them and it didn't seem too weird.

The performers doing shows on either side of ours were really nice and friendly (and so were the all the other people at the venue including the bar staff). Once the guys from the show immediately before ours even started flyering for us as we were setting up! That was really nice of them indeed!

Some of the audience members did complain about it being very difficult to find the venue. So probably some larger signs on the entrance could do the job. Also, it might be a good idea to make it more clear for the audiences that George Next Door is in effect the third floor of the building and can be accessed from downstairs (venue called Cowgatehead) as well as from upstairs (Library bar).

One more unexpected problem was that while people were looking for some other spaces they could enter ours in the middle of the show. This only happened once and that day we didn't have any audience and just decided to shoot a couple of videos while we were there - so it didn't cause us any real trouble. However, if you would rather that nobody wanders in right in the midst of your show - it might be a good idea to print a sign saying something like: "Show in progress. Please, do not enter" - or something to the same end - and hang in on the door handle (like they do in hotels). Had I been able to predict the possibility of someone walking in even despite the music playing - and had I been doing a longer run - I would have definitely printed that sign.
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