Top Joe: Leaving the House - Space S

Top Joe: Leaving the House - Space S

Postby chrisjenkins4 » 15 Mar 2016, 18:15

I enjoyed the venue and the footfall that it offered. George next Door is only open during the fringe and kind of looks like an empty office space. It's located on the George IV bridge but is also accessible from Cowgate below by walking up through the Cowgatehead. That meant you could get lots of people in for your show if you flyered enough. There were plenty of tourists passing over the George IV bridge heading to the Royal Mile. The venue could be a little hard to find, so I flyered directly outside. There was also a pop-up cocktail bar near the entrance, so I got people to wait in there before the show was due to start. There was also a temporary bar in the space itself and the two ladies running it were lovely. The venue could be a bit messy, but with a bit of tidying everyday it was fine. We had no sign for the venue so I made a venue sign in photoshop and PBH himself paid for us to get it printed, which we put up outside about 8 days into the fringe.

I was is Space S, which is the small room of the three (L being large and M medium), and liked its intimacy, it was also a good square shape. It could fit 30 people in. My smallest audience was 8, average was 18, and Fri-Sun I would be often be full and unfortunately have to turn people away. After an impassioned bucket speech at the end of each show I made anywhere between £15 - £80 depending on audience numbers.

The room had a little side room which could be used to make entrances or store props, get changed etc. There was a PA and microphone in the space with a mic-stand.

The venue captain was great although he was on last at about 11pm, so I stood in a bit for him in the daytime to get things like the venue sign sorted. All in all it was a good venue. It's quite Diy/rough and ready, but you can get good footfall and made use of its quirks.
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