Mythical Creature Electric Circus Lizard Lounge 12:45

Mythical Creature Electric Circus Lizard Lounge 12:45

Postby AngieB1 » 04 Sep 2015, 11:43

Tallah and team at Electric Circus were brilliant as ever, super professional, understanding and as eager to make our shows work as us. The Lizard Lounge is a great room but we could now do with expanding it's seating in there. The sofa's are great but a packed audience means people standing up or sitting on tables.

The audio is great but some proper lighting would help as your face is shadowed and the effect is a gentle glow rather than a proper show light.

Tallah didn't want a PBH backdrop this year as she'd just had it decorated and wondered if a backdrop would damage her walls. So I just put some PBH signs up around the venue.

The venue is enhanced by sound proof doors which adds an extra element that other shows don't have, you don't have any sound seeping in from outside.

Flyering is great there as there's not so much going on around market street so there's a captive audience.

I really enjoyed being there again and love the room. I left the team some gifts and a card as a huge thank you.

Angie x
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