Alex Kealy and Friends

Alex Kealy and Friends

Postby Alexander Kealy » 11 Jan 2016, 08:15

Performance Space: Nice performance space that can squeeze in 60 but can feel full-ish with 20 and potentially fun to play with any number.

Venue Staff: Very helpful - great team at Dragonfly.

How you advertised your show: Flyering and being in the PBH Blue Book.

Audience Numbers: varied between about 4 and 50. Probably averaged 15-20.

Show itself: Very happy with how things went, consistently fun shows.

Buckets: Not huge, probably an average bucket of £20.

Technical set up: Mic and stage all good, nice separate room which didn't have any noise.

Overview: Very happy with the room, the show and the Free Fringe!
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