The Birmingham Footnotes Keep Talking (8th-22nd)

The Birmingham Footnotes Keep Talking (8th-22nd)

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Keep Talking was a stand-up comedy show from the Birmingham Footnotes Comedy Society (University of Birmingham) for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015. We performed a show like this last year with the PBH Free Fringe, and saw similar success with this year's show. Like last year, the show had a different line-up every day, with four acts and a compere. Despite some initial mishaps, we managed to pull off a good run of shows and made a bit of money.

When we first got the show offer, we were meant to be in Velveteen. However, a month or so before the fringe, we were told that the venue collapsed (whether this meant financially or structurally, we've yet to find out). Eventually we found out that we would be moved to Cowgatehead (Up 2 Extra). Whilst this was inconvenient for those reading the PBH Free Fringe Blue Book, the venue itself was in a great location, being near Grassmarket and on the route to Cowgate. We had varying audiences, from 0 to filling up with around 40 people, having to ask people to stand to one side of the room so they would be able to see the stage. We reckon being in such a prime location helped us to draw in people looking for something to see. The nature of the venue allowed us to have intimate gigs, with not too many people for the room to be heaving but a good amount of people to get laughs going.

However, there were some pressing issues during our run of this show. During the run, there was a leak in the roof, which landed onto a set of wires connecting two speakers. This presented a potential fire or electrical hazard and should really be fixed if it is to be used a venue again. We often found ourselves without enough chairs to sit the audiences, not just due to the varying numbers attending. When we arrived, there were very few chairs in the room and we often had to borrow chairs from other rooms when the room was starting to get full. Despite the prime location regarding getting people in, the fact that we were right at the top of the stairs wasn't necessarily clear to the public. Also, access via the front door wasn't always consistent and changed depending what time one was trying to access the building.

Understandably, there was a lot to sort out last minute due to the shows moving to the venue, and there were still problems with the room during the shows. Despite this, we still managed to get a good run in and found the spacing of the room pretty much perfect for our purposes.
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